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Re: Problem installing OS/2 version

The problem that you are having is with the ^Z that your editor is
setting at the end of your config.lsp file.  If it is inconvenient to
arrange that the editor does not put ^Z at the end of the file then a
possible solution is to put the line 

	(set-syntax-from-char (code-char 26) #\Space)

into the config.lsp.  This arranges that ^Z is treated like a space.

I have found another related problem in that if you share lisp files
created and used for CLISP under OS2 (and probably DOS) then the ^M's
that DOS/OS2 editors place in the files causes trouble at the UNIX
sites.  I fix this by putting the line 

      (set-syntax-from-char (code-char 13) #\Space)	

in the appropriate source file so that the UNIX machine does not get
confused by the ^M's.