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Good Morning to all,

I've been unsuccessfully trying to convince clisp that I'm not in the
mid-European time zone.  When I first installed the binaries (under
dos) I ignored changing the value;  now I'm using (get-universal-time)
in a program, and the answers are all wrong (took me forever to track
that one down, believe me).

I've tried re-installing from scratch, changing the default, but it
doesn't seem to work.  Here's the process:

. change congif + defs1
. start clisp,
. compile-files config + defs1
. load them
. save-init-mem

everything works fine (despite numerous continuable errors,
complaining about redefining macros) EXCEPT *default-time-zone* isn't
getting changed.

As I don't read German, I'm at a significant disadvantage in
understanding the comments in defs1.

Any thoughts?

Andrew Houghton

P.S.  While I'm at it, is there a variable to control whether clisp
makes noise or not?  I'd rather not hear the beep when I try to
backspace over the end of a line...