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Re: clisp on atari TT

[Forwarded from Scott J. Kolodzieski <scott@menger.eecs.stevens-tech.edu>.
The binaries are now also on

Hello all,

For those interested there is a 32 bit clean clisp for the 
AtariTT at menger.eecs.stevens-tech.edu in /pub/scott/Atari/C-Lisp, 
there are directions there for installation. It only works under 
MiNT, the BSD'ish multitasking system for the Atari. 

The binaries are a bit dated, (end of 93') but do work well, I have 
newer binaries, but am so pressed for time at work it may take a 
while before they appear at the above address. I will post another 
message when they are available. 

Scott Kolodzieski