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CALL FOR PAPERS: 1994 Lisp Users and Vendors Conference (LUV '94)

[Forwarded from Kent Pitman <kmp@harlequin.com>.]

Please send the following announcement to clisp-list@ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de 


                             CALL FOR PAPERS


                            AUGUST 15-19, 1994

                          BERKELEY, CALIFORNIA.

Attention authors and potential authors of papers on Lisp!

As is now traditional, the schedule for this year's Lisp Users and Vendors
Conference (LUV '94) provides for technical papers about Lisp.

Unlike the more theory-oriented ACM Lisp & Functional Programming
Conference, what we're looking for are concrete, practical papers that
talk about issues of importance to those who build their commercial
business in today's marketplace using Lisp-based products.

This is a chance to share your success stories, discuss your techniques,
or even document technical and social obstacles you're facing that you
haven't yet managed to overcome.  The conference together experts who are
focused on making Lisp succeed in the marketplace, and there is no better
forum for you to engage in a public dialog about the issues facing Lisp

                           - - - - - - - - - -

SCOPE AND CONTENT.  Material in papers must clearly demonstrate a
 practical value from the use of the Lisp language or Lisp technology; as
 such, papers need not be especially innovative or original.  Preference
 will be given to previously undisseminated reports or experiences.  Topics
 in the area of programming languages and environments are welcome.
 Untested or purely theoretical ideas are less suitable. The full range
 of Lisp dialects are appropriate to this conference, including (but
 not limited to) Common Lisp, ISLISP, Eulisp, DKLISP, JKLISP, Emacs Lisp,
 XLISP, AutoLisp, Interleaf Lisp, Scheme, and Dylan.

SUBMISSIONS.  Authors should submit SEVEN (7) copies of their papers 
 to the LUV '94 at the following address:

         Bradford Miller, LUV '94 Paper Chair
         Computer Science Dept.
         University of Rochester
         Rochester, NY 14627-0226

 The length of the written papers should not exceed TEN (10) pages
 (numbered, font size 10pt or larger).  Submissions should include
 a return postal address, a telephone number, and (if available) an
 electronic mail address.

DEADLINES.  Please mark your calendar with the following dates:
  31 May 94  Deadline for receipt of papers (or extended abstracts).
  27 Jun 94  Last day for notification of acceptance or rejection.
   8 Jul 94  Deadline for "normal" registration. (After this, rates go up...)
  22 Jul 94  Deadline for receipt of final copy of accepted papers.
COPYRIGHT.  Authors of accepted paper will be required to sign a release 
 for publication in the conference proceedings. Authors may retain the
 copyright themselves if they wish by installing their own copyright
 notice in the paper. Previously copyrighted material may still be
 published depending on the permission to publish; in this case, the
 previous copyright and notice of permission should appear in the paper.
PRESENTATION OF ACCEPTED PAPERS.  Accepted papers will appear in the
 written proceedings, which will be distributed at the conference and might
 or might not also be distributed in some other fashion after the conference.
 The authors of certain selected papers will be invited to make a
 20-minute verbal presentation at the technical talks sessions during 
 the conference.  (Time constraints might prevent the verbal presentation
 of some accepted papers.  Some accepted papers might be presented during 
 a poster paper session.)

STUDENT PAPERS.  There will be a separate track for Student papers.
 Submission and acceptance dates, as well as acceptable themes, are 
 the same as for other authors.  Accepted papers will appear in the
 written proceedings (please see above instructions regarding 
 copyright and permission to publish requirements).

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.  For further information about paper submission or 
 about the conference itself (including requests conference registration
 information), please contact:
         Bradford Miller,             LUV '94 Committee
           LUV '94 paper chair        luv-94@ai.sri.com
   Meetings Unlimited,       Kent Pitman,       Thomas Pole,    
     Conference Organizers     Co-Chairman        Co-Chairman   
   luv-organizer@ai.sri.com  kmp@harlequin.com  pole@chesapeake.ads.com
   CompuServe 76470.3334     (617) 374-2516     (703) 902-7100