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RE: How to write fast Numerical Analysis code in CLISP?

In reply to your wish for faster lisp, well I can't help you much but
I too wish for something like that!

I am using CLisp on my linux box and used to use it on dos before I 
discovered linux :-) and before that used it on my Amiga, and currently
use it on the suns at varsity too so I sure like it's portability
and availability.  However we're running finite element method (FEM)
stuff and on big jobs it sure is slow, even on middle-sized jobs.
we also use allegro common lisp on the suns and it blitzs clisp for
all the larger stuff, but it's such a pig on memoery that I'd rather
use CLisp.  I'd like to get more speed out of clisp but I guess this
would mean that the compiler would have to write lower level code
than it presently does and actually do inlining and all the usual
compiler optimizations that I don't think it currently does
(please forgive me if this is wrong, but I'm just going on comparing
the sizes of .fas clisp files and .fasl allegro files).

Actually as far as I know AKCL isn't available for linux, and maybe it is
a pig too? I'm just speculating, but I sure would like something faster,

keep trying....and please if you find something, could you let me know!


Richard Shepherd. (rls@waikato.ac.nz)