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RE: How to write fast Numerical Analysis code in CLISP?

Peter C Olsen writes:
 > Richard ---
 > Actually, I have AKCL for Linux --- I found it all precompiled and
 > ready to install.  Most people have told me that it is about an order
 > of magnitude faster than CLISP --- at least in compiled mode.  I've

I've tried akcl (1.615 on Linux, 486DX2,50MHz, 16+16MB and Xakcl 1.605 on
different SPARCs) and in comparison to CLisp it is definitively *much*
slower *and* uses much more memory!!! (e.g Xakcl: 5MB, 52.35sec;
Clisp: 1.5MB, 10sec for the same problem on a SPARCstation 1). 
I am working on an AI planning-system, so I don't know, if the situation 
is different for programs with extensive numeric computation, 
but I really doubt that.


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