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Re: user-homedir-pathname in dos

>  "The definition of home directory is implementation-dependent,
>  but defined in Common Lisp to mean the directory where the user
>  keeps personal files such as initialization files and mail."
>Well, how could this make sense on DOS?

i dont think this says that the function should be omitted, just that  
what "home direcotry" means will differ across ports.  i think since  
dos was intended to be a single user OS at a minimum the function  
could return "\" , since (1) you own the machine when you boot it and   
(2) that is where dos normally leaves you and also where some init]  
files are stored.  MCL and ACLPC have the same problem but provide  
the function primarily because it makes writing portable code easier.  
I think MCL and ACLPC actually get more fancy, by allowing you to  
explicitly define "home" in a config file, or using the directory  
where the image resides.

>Because otherwise you couldn't rely on
> (pathname-name (make-pathname :name something))
>being EQUAL to something.

thanks, now i understand...sure wich cl provided pathname-equal since  
equal testing returns false in cases when it needn't!