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Hello, everybody.
Is anybody interested in a LISP dialect for Windows that has the following
	-- integrated enviroment, that contains a multi-window editor,
	   an interperter that can be invoked by clicking the menu
	   item RUN, the interpreter immediately processes all the
	   expressions of the current editor window;
	-- over 100 functions that are compatible with COMMON LISP
	-- access to external user-defined DLL libraries, 
           with a convenient interface for Borland Pascal;
	-- image-processing (24-bit images up to 800x600)
           and array-processing features, arrays and 
           images can be processed through DLLs as well;
	-- the interpreter itself has a text window that preserves
	   the last 300 lines of the dialogue, which can be edited 
	   by the user and processed by the interpreter when ENTER is
	-- the interpreter uses 4 graphics windows to display images
	   and graphics;
	-- object-oriented features are provided, which are as powerful
	   as Common Lisp ones but syntax is somewhat different?
If you are interested send me a message and a price. This dialect is
available now. Full documentation will be available at the end of July 1994.

Dr Michael Semenov.
E-mail: semenov@uk.ac.canterbury.c71