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2 Questions: Stack overflow and accessing Windows?


I recently got a copy of CLISP in order to port an application from
Lucid running on a Sparcstation to the DOS environment.  To work out
any problems before getting into DOS, I wanted to use the sun4
implementation.  I ran into one problem:

Stack overflow - I don't get any errors except the redefinition of

   As I've seen before in the mailing list archive, CLISP
   is not CLtL2 compliant for the loop code.  Rather than changing my
   loop invocations, I picked up a copy of the original loop.cl (from
   MIT), and loaded that with no apparent problem.  Now I just need to
   'continue' when CLISP asks me if I want to redefine LOOP.  I wonder if
   this could be a problem...

However, when I go into some operations (which involve, I guess, many
function calls deep), I get the stack overflow.  Is it possible to
build the image with a larger stack?  The same code runs fine in
Lucid, but the Lucid image space is about 15M (I don't know how large
the stack is).  Any ideas?

The other thing I was wondering about is how people using CLISP in DOS
make interfaces, such as windows, menus, buttons, etc.  I see that
CLISP supports a system call, but I don't know how I could use it to
make a window-based interface.  I'd be interested to hear how others
using CLISP are doing it.

Thanks for any suggestions!  In spite of these minor problems, kudos
is due the authors of CLISP for providing such a nice implementation.