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accessing "windows" in DOS

  The other thing I was wondering about is how people using CLISP in DOS
  make interfaces, such as windows, menus, buttons, etc.  I see that
  CLISP supports a system call, but I don't know how I could use it to
  make a window-based interface.  I'd be interested to hear how others
  using CLISP are doing it.
I assume by DOS you do NOT mean MSwindows.  As far as I know there is no
real windows interface - I'd be interested in finding out different.
Most DOS programs evidently just use character interfaces, i.e., treat
the screen as an array of characters.  I've been using ansi.sys to do 
the cursor motion and color changes.  I've built a little menu program
from that, if you're interested (though I haven't actually used it).
Also, there's a nice tiny package called arrmouse that translates mouse
movement into arrow keys, and left click into return.  For that reason
I've used those keys in my menu package.  I've also pretty much managed
to build a character-array based "window" system that allows such things
as read/print to a window.  It's based on a clisp that's not yet released,
though, and it's really too slow for serious use.  Much more detail (and
code) available if you want it.