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(Amiga) CLISP-low is getting bigger and bigger ...


CLISP is growing and growing. On the Amiga, many people with 2MB RAM
(standard configuration on an A1200) have difficulties running it, or
when they run it, they can't start an editor on top of it. The next
version will even make the situation worse because it allows one to
switch between french, german and english languages at start, making
both C and LISP parts bigger.

I wonder if I should make the amiga-clisp-low version of CLISP

o english-only
o without CLCS \ in the core
o without CLOS /

CLCS and CLOS would be there loadable as .fas files and thus not in
the default .mem file.

I consider this for the low version only because I don't want to
distribute (and build) lots of different CLISP versions.

How do you feel about this? Comments?
 	Joerg Hoehle.