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code 26 error

Dear Bruno,

My mail software does not allow me to send to "broadcast
lists" so I can't send this to clisp-list as I originally

I've just down loaded and installed clisp.  I'm having problems
loading some programs.  When I tried loading LATKDATA.LSP in get
the message:

  character #\code 26

1.  What reference would have the clisp error codes listed?

2.  I assume that the prgram contains an illegal character or 
string.  Am I right?

3.   I ran the program on a Sun work station using ALLEGRO COMMON
LISP.  Assuming I'm right in #2, how should I go about looking for
the illegal characters?  Is there anything in particular I should look

Thank you for your time.

I will try again to post this to clisp-list, but I need to get the
program working as soon as possible so I'm writing to you first
in case I can't get around the software problem here.

Ed Kovach -  kovach@franus.edu