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Re: New version of old CLISP and CLX

Jean-Claude Beaudoin <jbeaudoi@sobeco.com> reports:

> But when I try to compile CLX I get the following message:
> *** - Lisp stack overflow. RESET
> "make clx" completes without further problem and produces the expected files.

You may be using a version of CLX that hasn't been properly ported to
CLISP. With clisp-1994-06-22 on a Sun4 and CLX from
"make" succeeds without any problems.

> I am trying to use the June 22 version of CLISP on my UnixWare (1.1) machine
> The compilation/installation went smoothly. I used the recommended CFLAGS
> as given in unix/PLATFORMS. "make test" and "make testsuite" reported
> everything ok.

You may save other people the same work: finally do a "make distrib" and
upload the UnixWare binaries to ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de. I can
tell you details.

                    Bruno Haible