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late advertisement: Summer job

We just got this at the time our students are taking off.  Europeans
are much easier to hire, but others will be considered.



JOB TITLE.  Research assistant (RA), summer.

PURPOSE OF JOB.  A new project funded by the DRA will look at
understanding how decisions can be learned and made rapidly in an
interactive, changing environment.  This understanding will be
summarised by creating a user model that interacts with an Air-Traffic
Control (ATC) simulation.  The successful candidate will assist or
work alone to create the model, the ATC simulation, and their
interface.  Later stages of the project will look at how the interface
can be modified to support the task, including the possibility of
including the user model that can serve as an aid to the user

RESPONSIBILITIES.  To the limit of their ability the RA will be the
primary architect of and program the cognitive model, the ATC
simulation, and the interface that allows the model to 'see' the
simulation and interact with it.  The initial task this summer will be
to create the simulation and interface to the cognitive model.  The
successful candidate will be a team player, helping out in other ways,
such as running subjects.

The most desirable candidate will fluent in one or more of the
following languages and systems: Emacs; Lisp; Production systems,
including OPS5 and Soar or ACT-R; C, C++, cT, and S.; Unix, DOS,
Windows, and the Macintosh operating systems.

RELATIONSHIPS.  The RA (research assistant or associate) will work
closely with Dr. Frank Ritter and be supervised by him (if
appropriate) in creating the software.

SALARY AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE.  This summer position will start on
approximately 1 July (or as soon as possible) and end on approximately
10 October, 1994.  Payments will be made on the appropriate research
council pay scales.

For further information, or to apply (by forwarding a CV and names of
two references), please contact Dr. Frank Ritter, Dept. of Psychology,
U. of Nottingham, Nottingham, NG7 2RD.  (602) 515 292.