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Re: #\code26 ?

>> Hi, I'm trying to use my OS/2 system editor (it's quick & easy) to edit
>> my files, but it seems to be inserting a bad character.
>> If I read a file into lisp, it works fine, but when I edit it and try to
>> reload it I get an illegal character #\Code26.  What is this?
>> could this possible be an EOF (ctrl-z)?
>Yes, it is a control Z and yes, both e and epm on os/2 insert it.
>I'll guess that epm could be talked out of doing this, but I'm not
>Solutions?  I used a DOS lisp package which had a nice editor and
>didn't do the ^Z.  You could use emacs for os/2.  You could also write
>a small program (maybe even in REXX) to strip the last byte off of the
  Yes, EPM can be configured to not append the ^Z; I believe this requires
  using the EPM macro compiler, however.

  An immediate remedy is to direct the Clisp reader to ignore the ^Z
  character. Unfortunately, I'm not running under OS/2 at the moment
  so I can't look up the directive I inserted into the def.lsp file.

  But the procedure is described in the "archive" of Clisp-related
  messages that is available for download from the Clisp site.

  Chris Graham.