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Re: Lisp and C

> > - To link these compiled lisp routines (and the lisp kernel needed)  
> > with my App and to call them from a C function.
> > 
> > The problem is that CLisp just produce fasl files and not .o.
> > gcl produce .o file but I didn't reach to do what I wanted.
> akcl might be what you are looking for. Its compiler produces
> C code which is handed to the cc compiler (gcc in my case). This
> makes for a *slow* compiler, but gives *tight* and *fast* code.
> Fair warning : akcl does not seems to be very alive, those days.
> Furthermore, it is *not* in public domain : you'll have to request
> a (free) license from some japanese university...

No, if GCL doesn't serve David Rudloff's, its predecessor AKCL won't
either. Maybe EcoLisp will serve his purpose?

AKCL (the last release) and GCL don't require a license, they are covered
by LGPL. And the code produced by GCL is certainly not "tight", at least
when compared to CLISPs code.

                    Bruno Haible