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gcl and linux

I apologize for posting this here, but I haven't the foggiest idea of
where to post *properly*.

I tried to build gcl on Linux. I use Linux 1.0.9, gcc 2.5.8 and libraries
4.5.26. The unpacking went smoothly, but make crashed on c/run-process.c :
the compiler complained about an undefined FASYNC name, and a careful
exploration of the include files (find /usr/include/ -name \*, grep on it
for FASYNC) showed no such identifier or macro.

This particular piece of source is related to sockets : apparently, it is
used to run a subprocess, conversing with it through a socket. I haven't
the foggiest idea of what FASYNC is supposed to do. Anyway, I found *one*
hint in /usr/include/linux/fcntl.h : "O_SYNC" isn't implemented yet".
Apparently, this code is trying to use an unimplemented feature.

Could somebody help me on this ? Should I patch the source code, or
does it exists a gcc|libraries|linux version aware of this ?

I post a Cc of this to Bill Schelter, author of the README file, but,
given my mailfeed, I won't probably hear of him before quite a while...
so any help is welcome, but should not begin by 
"ask wfs@math.utexas.edu" ;->...

	Sincerely yours,

Emmanuel Charpentier