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Re: Problem w/ builtin editor in DOS clisp (August 94)

I am new to lisp, and have been encountering problems with the editor
also. The instructions in the readme file don't specify where to use
the command "(load "editor")" nor how to edit the config.lsp file to
make use of the built in editor. I've tried a variety of approaches
and none of them have been successful. If anyone has a correctly
edited config file they would care to share, I would be very grateful.
I have a 386/40 running DOS.


--Matt Price

On Mon, 24 Oct 1994, Johann Petrak wrote:

> After starting the lisp with the image included in the package:
>   > lisp.exe -M lispinit.mem
> I load the (compiled) editor:
>   (load "editor")
> Now, if I do
>   (ed "xxx.lsp")
> the following error message appears:
>   SYSTEM::STORE: DEUTSCH does not fit in "      ", bad type
> Anybody else encountered that problem - and knows how to fix it?
> Thanx in advance,
> Johann
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