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New version of old CLISP

A new version of my current personal source of CLISP is at the usual place,
in ma2s2.mathematik.uni-karlsruhe.de:/pub/lisp/clisp/source-haible/.

The distribution is now split up into:

clispsrc.tar.z                 main CLISP source, required
clispsrc-readline.tar.z        modified GNU readline library, recommended
clispsrc-newreadline.tar.z     another modified GNU readline library, optional
clispsrc-stdwin.tar.z          stdwin library, optional
clispsrc-queens.tar.z          sample add-on module, optional

The required + recommended parts together now fit on 2 diskettes again.

Change log since 23 August 1994:

26 October 1994

Important note

* Changed bytecode format. All .fas files generated by previous CLISP versions
  are invalid and must be recompiled.

User visible changes

* X3J13 vote <77> is implemented: CL:FLET, CL:LABELS, CL:MACROLET allow

* X3J13 vote <78> is implemented: CL:FLET, CL:LABELS, CL:MACROLET, DEFTYPE,
  DEFSETF, DEFINE-SETF-METHOD establish an implicit BLOCK.

* X3J13 vote <128> is implemented: MAKE-PATHNAME, PATHNAME-HOST,
  a keyword argument :CASE. Thanks to Marcus Daniels.

* X3J13 vote <137> is implemented: New functions WILD-PATHNAME-P,
  PATHNAME-MATCH-P and TRANSLATE-PATHNAME. Thanks to Marcus Daniels.

* X3J13 vote <130> is implemented: New built-in type LOGICAL-PATHNAME.
  COMPILE-FILE-PATHNAME. Thanks to Marcus Daniels.

* X3J13 vote <132> is implemented: Synonym streams to file streams are
  allowed as pathnames.

* Amiga version: SCREEN package is implemented. Thanks to Joerg Hoehle.

* The debugger emits some more messages to *DEBUG-IO*, not *ERROR-OUTPUT*.
  Reported by Joerg Hoehle.

* (COERCE symbol 'FUNCTION) now works.
  Reported by Don Cohen.

* Fixed a bug in ENOUGH-NAMESTRING: In many cases, a relative directory
  specification was returned instead of an absolute directory specification.

* Fixed a CLOS bug which caused (DEFCLASS FOO (STANDARD-OBJECT) ()) and
  (DEFINE-CONDITION FOO (CONDITION) ()) to signal errors.
  Reported by Don Cohen.

* Fixed a bug: In some situations, USE-PACKAGE reported a name conflict when
  there was none.
  Reported by Don Cohen.

* Fixed a bug: (READ-CHAR-NO-HANG stream nil eof-object) now signals an error
  if stream is not an input stream. Previously it returned eof-object.
  Reported by Joerg Hoehle.

* Fixed a bug: On some Unix systems, (FINISH-OUTPUT *TERMINAL-IO*) signalled
  an error if standard output was redirected to a file.
  Reported by Brad Miller.

* (SQRT 0) now returns an integer 0 instead of a floating-point 0.0.
  Reported by Michael Stoll.

* Readline library: Fixed a small problem with input prompts longer than the
  screen width.

* Fixed three bugs in the built-in editor. One of them made the editor
  entirely unusable.
  Reported by Johann Petrak and others.


* On DOS, the readline library now handles the /!INPUTRC and history files
  Reported by Ralf Muschall.

Other modifications

* Generational garbage collection now also works on Linux (1.1.52 or newer).

* On Unix, external modules written in C can be linked to CLISP without
  recompiling CLISP from source. For example, the STDWIN library.

1 September 1994

User visible changes

* The DEFCONSTANT warning about redefinition of a constant is also inhibited
  if the constant's new and old values are the same string (in the sense of
  EQUAL). Thanks to Marcus Daniels.

* Unix version only: The daylight saving time flag of a time zone (eighth
  value of GET-DECODED-TIME and DECODE-UNIVERSAL-TIME) is now correct.

                    Bruno Haible