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Re: DOS version keeps issuing Ctrl-C during input

Roger Labbe <dodger@gcr.com> wrote:

> I am using the DOS version of CLISP (dated 13 aug 1994). When
> I am working in readline I keep getting spurious messages
> ctrl-C was pressed and brings me to the "break 1>" prompt.
> It seems to happen most often when the cursor moves left
> to match parenthesis and I type a ), but it happens other
> times also.

This turned out to be a bug in EMX. The annoying behaviour will be fixed
when a new DOS version of CLISP is built from the 1994-10-26 source.
For the moment, here is a workaround:

Create a file  \!INPUTRC  in the current drive's root directory, containing
the line

set blink-matching-paren off

and convert this file to Unix conventions (LF not CR/LF as line end marker,
no Ctrl-Z file end marker).

                    Bruno Haible