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Using Bruno's 10/26/94 source I've gotten clisp working well with our HP
I70 running HP/UX 9.04. Many thanks to Bruno for the tips on getting
things running. Then I decided to go for it in an attempt to get CLX and
garnet working. 

CLX seems to compile just fine and creates the image, however, when I go 
to run the demo (hello.lsp), I receive in response:

(xlib::hello-world "")

*** - UNIX error 2 (ENOENT): No such file or directory

I've tried this using various clisp binaries, including the pre-compiled 
one from the ftp server. I'm stuck troubleshooting this one, other than 
it seems to have something to do with the DISPLAY variable? I'm connected 
as a legitimate authorized X station while running this.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, or I can provide more 
information if necessary.  Thanks in advance.

                                           Cameron Bowes
                                           U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Svcs.