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problem building clisp for AMIGA NetBSD 1.0


I am trying to build the last version of B. Haible clisp
for AMIGA NetBSD 1.0.

lisp.run dumps core when loading "defmacro.lsp"

I use the following flags:
- unixconf.h is OK
- I've modified lispbibl.d (appropriately ?):
  the address space layout of NetBSD 1.0 seems
  to be the same as the "ATARITT" one:
  address: bits 0..25
  (shared libraries are mapped above 0x02000000 ?)
  and tag: 31..26
  thus I have followed the definitions for "ATARITT"
- I've also tried -DWIDE: same result
- I've tried older versions of clisp: same result
  these versions work fine with AMIX 2.1 and
  NetBSD 0.9 (!)
- I've used gcc 2.4.5 and 2.6.0: same result

I suspect I am missing something.
Has anybody built clisp for amiga NetBSD 1.0 ?
(at least someone has built it for 386 NetBSD 1.0 Beta)

Any help is welcome.

-- Michel LOI