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problem building clisp for AMIGA NetBSD 1.0

Michel Loi writes:
 > for AMIGA NetBSD 1.0.
Well, I've never tried this OS but I've got some experience with
CLISP, GCC and the Amiga :-)

 > lisp.run dumps core when loading "defmacro.lsp"

I'd suggest that you try to find the bug more closely. Sometimes, when
I succeeded in generating a lisp.run that would start, later crashes
would be caused by GCC bugs inside a specific function, e.g. I had to
patch a little of assembly output for GCC260 and -DWIDE in CONTROL:_C_go.

 > - I've tried older versions of clisp: same result
 >   these versions work fine with AMIX 2.1 and
 >   NetBSD 0.9 (!)

As the writers of NetBSD 1.0 were so crazy as to require 64 bit
pointers for every platform, a GCC bug is possibility to think of. I'm
not yet too confident in GCC 64 bit usage on m68k now, but I didn't
test the latest beta2.6.1.

I'm not using the last source-haible myself, the snapshot I'm working
on is 1st Sep. Maybe something bad slipped in.

 	Joerg Hoehle.