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CLisp under Linux, run time error

Hi Lispers,

 I recently installed Linux on my PC and I tried to install
 the CLisp version Oct. 94 too. 
 Because i didn't use Linux before (so i'm an absolute beginner with it)
 i ignored the Linux question and answers so far unfortunately ... 
 Hope this isn't too much redundant.

 I ftp'd the binary version and this is what happened:

 after starting CLisp:

    Cannot allocate private shared memory segment 
    errno = ENOSYS: Function not implemented
    Lisp.run: Not enough memory

 Memory at this time:

    Mem:   7024K av., 3120K used,  3904K free, 1768 shrd, 1140K buff
    Swap: 16668K av.,    0K used, 16668K free

 Is this an error message from Linux itself ? 
 I compiled the Linux kernel version 1.1.50

 The CLisp Oct. version from 93 is running.
 Must i install a new version of gcc ?
 I dont have the version here. Linux is running at home =)
 It comes from the InfoMagic CD Oct. 94

Many thanks in advance