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Re: CLISP on SunOS4

David Arnold <daa93@aber.ac.uk> writes:

> I've downloaded and extracted the files in
> 	'binaries/sun4-sunos4/clisp-sun4c.tar.z'
> and run the compiler as per the README file.
> However, when trying to get CLISP to start using the command given
> in the README file I get the following error:
> 	lisp.run: initialisation file was not created by this version of LISP

I can't reproduce this.

> I tried starting without the memory file and loaded the 'init.fas'
> file and it seems to work O.K. Should I just save this memory image or
> is it better to use the one supplied?

The memory image you get from running the command

       lisp.run -x '(load "init.fas") (saveinitmem)'

is good. It is safe to use this one, especially if the one I supplied
doesn't work.

                    Bruno Haible