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Re: Simultaneous generational GC and error-check immutables?

Mark Thomas <thommark@access.digex.net> tried this:

> ... following the instructions to enable
> better error-checking of immutables.  (I assume I automatically got
> generational garbage-collection.)

No, you didn't get generational GC; CLISP does not yet support immutable
checking and generational GC simultaneously.

> But the following sequence of forms gives no error message
> > (defvar temp-string "Matson")
> > (setf (char temp-string 0) #\W)

Immutable checking is only done for immutable objects whose printed represen-
tation has been read from a file, using LOAD. I felt it would be annoying,
especially for beginners, to get errors when evaluating forms like
  (nreverse '(a b c))
  (nstring-upcase "My Name")

                    Bruno Haible