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I am new to this list. Now, my poor PC runs FreeBSD 2.0. And
I will have to take an AI course soon. I got GCL-1.1
compiled. Somehow, GCL-1.1 lacks CLOS's part, am I wrong
about this? I try PCL-GCL-1.0 with 386-bsd config. It
compiles and loads up to DEFS.LISP only and claim that
'Error: Dots appeared illegally' when it loads DEFS.O.
What's that error?

By the way, if any of you have a FreeBSD version gcl with
CLOS(PCL one) binary, please do me a favour, offer me a
copy. After searching nearly all existing lisp resource,
they are very sparse and not well organized.


ps	email:	hkng2@se.cuhk.hk