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new on this ML

Hello to everyone on the mailing-list.
I've got CLISP on an Amiga 12oo/68030MMU-28. I've got the version of january, the 5th, 1995.

Well there's my first question:
Whith an older version (feb. 1994 I think) I couldn't change the *language*.
I saw in the docs that CLISP could "speak" French, and since I am French ....
Well, guess you can see what I want to do ! :)
Do I have to modify defs1.lsp or config.lsp and then regenerate listinit.mem ?
Do I have to use defvar or setq ?


Pascal Poizat
DEA Informatique, Nantes
>>applying rewriting systems to object specifications (any idea ?)
Amiga 12oo/68030MMU-28/6Mo/85Mo