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Re: CLisp and EMACS

Pascal POIZAT wrote:
(on an Amiga)
> I tried to use CLISP with GNU-EMACS doing:
> - M-x run-lisp
I'd recommend using the cmulisp+comint.el package from Olin Shivers
(it's now the standard shell of EMACS 19). cmulisp.el does good
argument separating and passing and with it, I've been able to start
clisp in an inferior lisp buffer. The problem with the original
shell.el and M-x run-lisp is the passing of arguments, and you really
want to start clisp with a -M foo.mem argument. I'll send part of my
.emacs when I'll get back home.

> Q1: where can I find a clisp.el NOT DEDICATED TO ANY SPECIAL OS but generic for
what do you mean by clisp.el?

> Q2: I know EMACS uses inferior-lisp-program for the path of the program he uses
>  when one types in M-x run-lisp. Is there some kind of inferior-lisp-arguments to
>  specify the arguments of the command ?
No, but cmulisp.el+comint.el solves this problem, using another variable.

> Q3: When will the next version of CLISP will be released on Amiga ?
When I'll have a somewhat usable FFI. That's what's missing.

	Joerg Hoehle.