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distributing an AmigaOS-CLISP as object files?


it seems that a growing number of people on the Amiga are interested
in modifying (enhancing) the CLISP binary. CLISP's new concept of C
modules allows one to easily add LISP functions and LISP objects (but
no types or resources) from an object file to an executable. However
this requires that CLISP be distributed as a set of object files that
one needs to link together with possibly own files. This is no problem
on UNIX where the linker must even be present at run-time for some
application, but is a problem on AmigaOS where not every user has a
linker, or even the GNU linker used to assemble CLISP. Also,
distributing .o files instead of the binary takes much more place in
the archives.

1. how many users are out there that would like or need the set of .o
files to link together with own objects?

2. who has been able so far to build an own CLISP?

3. Where to put special archives containing .o files? Remember that
there are now three different binaries (-low, -high and -wide) and all
would need own object files.

4. would people like myself not distributing an archive with a binary,
but with the .o files and GNU-ld instead? That would take more place
and would need one more step to install. (Distributing GNU-ld in an
archive would also require having GNU-ld source available near it,
needing yet more ftp resources.)

Any comments welcome,
 	Joerg Hoehle.