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Re: Use of .lisp Extension

[Forwarded from Jeff Bishop <jbishop@nwu.edu>.]

>My understanding is that this problem has recently been solved.
>That is to say, you can avoid solving the problem yourself IF you
>have a new enough version.  In particular, if the version is new
>enough to have *source-file-types* defined, just do:
> (push (make-pathname :type "lisp") *source-file-types*)

That's encouraging, but why not make future versions of CLISP handle the
.lisp case automatically?  It might be a good idea to throw in .lis as well,
that is all that will be left of the filename when a .lisp file is copied to
a FAT drive.
Jeff Bishop
Department of Linguistics
BIRL (BIRL Industrial Research Laboratory)