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Re: Use of .lisp Extension

Ray Liere <lierer@python.CS.ORST.EDU> says:

> Does anyone know of a relatively
> easy way to have clisp recognize ".lisp" as well as ".lsp" as legal?

As has already been pointed out, the following does magic:

   (push '#".lisp" sys::*source-file-types*)

> I am currently using the method of simply renaming all of the sources,
> but would like to avoid that in the future if possible.

Under Unix, renaming is not a big pain:
for f in `find . -name '*.lisp' -print`; do ln $f `basename $f .lisp`.lsp; done

> That's encouraging, but why not make future versions of CLISP handle the
> .lisp case automatically?

Because I want CLISP to support its features across platforms, and I can't
support the .lisp extension on DOS.

> It might be a good idea to throw in .lis as well, since that is all
> that will be left of the filename when a .lisp file is copied to a FAT drive.

This would be dangerous, since ".lis" is the extension of the listing files
produced by  (compile-file ... :listing t).

                    Bruno Haible