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bulding clisp Jan 1 1995

Um, hope this isn't too ignorant a question but:

I've just built the new version of clisp from 


and got it successfully built.  However I no longer have the readline
abilities and as it builds I notice the -DNO_READLINE on the compile
lines.  To build I just use

./configure --build

from the top level directory  (I've read the INSTALL file and I
believe I don't have anything peculiar---486 DX2 66 running linux
1.1.0).  I presume this is because I don't have the readline package.
So I've ftp'ed the readline package (version 2.0) and I presume I need
to unpack this somewhere in the clisp directory tree for the configure
script of clisp to notice it and hence use it when building clisp.  So
could anyone give me some pointers on where or how to get clisp built
successfully with readline?



Richard Shepherd.