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Re: building clisp Jan 1 1995

Richard Shepherd <rls@therat.math.waikato.ac.nz> wrote:

> ... got it successfully built.  However I no longer have the readline
> abilities and as it builds I notice the -DNO_READLINE on the compile
> lines.

The "configure" script has observed that you haven't fetched and unpacked the
(recommended) clispsrc-readline.tar.z.

> So I've ftp'ed the readline package (version 2.0) and I presume I need
> to unpack this somewhere in the clisp directory tree for the configure
> script of clisp to notice it and hence use it when building clisp.

You can't use the unmodified GNU readline-2.0 with CLISP. A modified
version of this is the clispsrc-newreadline.tar.z in source-haible/.

                    Bruno Haible