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problem with eval and clos

Dan Stanger writes:
 > l is bound to (RNOTCONTAINED (MAPLET 'JOE 1) #<RELATION #x000080>)
 > and when i try to (eval l) i get a error
 > *** - EVAL: illegal form #<RELATION #x000080>
 > however when i bind #<RELATION #x000080> to a with a let as follows
 > (let ((a (slot-value (gethash 'addentry *schemas*) 'telephones)))
 > )
 > it works.  could someone explain why this occurs?

Wild guesses - maybe #<RELATION...> needs to be quoted, or maybe the
reader can't handle #<...> forms.  If bind l to:

(RNOTCONTAINED (MAPLET 'JOE 1) (slot-value (gethash 'addentry
*schemas*) 'telephones))

then I'd bet it works.

Good luck,

Dr. Harvey J. Stein
Berger Financial Research