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clisp within EMACS, readline and the -I option


I thought that -I was there to disable the readline library from doing
special magic with TAB. When I paste something from a buffer into the
LISP process or I M-x lisp-eval-..., I sometimes get asked

There are 966 possibilities.  Do you really
wish to see them all? (y or n)

which is really annoying. There are lots of files with TABs in them around.

Isn't there a way to make -I disable the completion features of
the readline library at run-time?

We already have sun4c and sun4m executables and memory files and I
wouldn't want to have both -rl and -norl executables around for both
architectures for the sake of a simple shell start or for within
EMACS. Having one binary with just a run-time option would be very

our sun4c prebuilt binary
> (lisp-implementation-version) 
"1995-01-01 (January 1995)"

our sun4m prebuilt binary
> (lisp-implementation-version) 
"1994-10-26 (October 1994)"

 	Joerg Hoehle.