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Problems compiling config on OS/2

Hello everybody,
I would like to start by a big THANK YOU to 
Bruno Haible and Michael Stoll for their work and their
willingness to share it with us.  Thanks! :-)

  Now to the problem.

I am trying to install clisp on OS/2 and when trying to compile the
config file I get the following:

  >(compile-file "config")

  Compiling file c:\clisp\config.lsp ...
  *** - READ from #<STRING_CHAR_FILE_STREAM #"C:\\clisp\\config.lsp">
  :illegal character #\Code26

I am not sure what I should look at since it appears to be a 
problem with the compiler and after taking a look at it for a 
while I got lost.

BTW I have the emx libraries in C:\emx\dll and emxrev returns 
the following:
	EMX : revision = 18
	EMXIO : revision = 16
	EMXLIBC : revision = 25
	EMXWRAP : revision = 17
(just in case it matters ...)

Thanks in advance for any help.


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