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Re: External Editors under OS/2


  c) the EPM editor runs concurrently to clisp, i.e. the ED function looks at
     the file at a moment when you are still editing it?


  (c) is certainly true (when EPM hasn't crashed, that is !)


  CLISP starts EPM using the P_WAIT flag of spawnv, i.e. EPM is responsible
  itself for the fact that it terminates and returns control to clisp
  before you actually edited the file.

  You have to find out how to make clisp wait until you are done editing.
  (Perhaps some command line switch to EPM.)

                     Bruno Haible


The first couple of times I tried to edit a CLISP function or .lsp file,
EPM was started. However, it did not terminate prematurely, rather CLISP
simply continued executing (we discussed the WHEN expression, datestamps,
etc. on that point).

Subsequently, I have never been able to start EPM, it crashes on or after
its invocation. This may suggest, among other possibilities, that the
spawnv() function in the emx compiler is buggy. Again, even when EPM was
started (the first couple of times that I tried), the CLISP process did not
wait, so the P_WAIT flag seemed to have no effect.

I now have the source code to CLISP so I, for one, will investigate as
time permits.