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Hello, I mail for someone I know that uses Clisp on a PC (486).
He complains because it's too slow.
I also noticed it was quite slow but since I only have
an Amiga-28Mhz, it don't bother me too much.
How can he accelerate it ?
setq pretty-print t ?
recompile it ? (gcc -O2 :)
Or is it his machine that is too slow ?

Can some people that use clisp on a PC (from 286 and upto pentuim - non bugged ones :)
tell me if it is really slow ?

Pascal Poizat, DEA Informatique, Nantes

PS: I noticed Clisp became more slow with CLOS package (use-package 'CLOS)
    But since the man I know only uses it for CommonLisp (no use of CLOS) it
    is not the reason of his problem
PS2: I think it is not CLISP that is slow but the printings.
     I had some kind of "Motif"Window and when I launch CLisp on an
     usual-no-fancy-tools window it is less slow.
     But I also noticed printings are now (jan. 94) slower than in the version
     I had before (I got it in May. 92 I think).