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loop macro, "for across" expansion fails

Hello everyone,

Loop macro expander fails when a "for across" construct
is followed by other iteration constucts. The following
examples demonstrate the bug. The first three ones
give correct results, but the fourth one fails.

> (loop for a in '(a b c) collect a)
(A B C)

> (loop for a in '(a b c) for b in '(1 2 3) collect a collect b)
(A 1 B 2 C 3)

> (loop for a across "abc" collect a)
(#\a #\b #\c)

> (loop for a across "abc" for b across "123" collect a collect b)

*** - AREF: index 3 for "abc" is out of range
1. Break> 

> (lisp-implementation-version)
"1995-01-01 (January 1995)"

> (machine-version)

Is there a fix available for this bug?

Lauri Siponen