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I am using the excellent clisp common lisp implementation (Bruno Haible's
sources) on my Linux box. I would like to use ILISP mode to access clisp
from within my Xemacs 19.11. 

Since clisp has the -I (ilisp-friendly) command-line option, I am led to
think that someone should have a ready to use ilisp-clisp.el file to tell
ilisp about the specialties of clisp. 

If someone has such a file, could he please be so kind and mail it to me?
BTW, I am using ILISP 5.5 wich comes with Xemacs 19.11. There should be a
ILISP 5.7 out on haldane.bu.edu, but I can't connect to that host (gives me
"timeout" error messages) :-(

If you know a ftp-site where I could try to get the new ILISP, please tell

Thanks a lot,