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Peter Dudey Drake writes:
 > Is this supposed to happen?
 > *** - EVAL: User break
 > 1. Break> abort
 > *** - EVAL: variable ABORT has no value
 > 2. Break> abort
 > 1. Break> abort

This sometimes happens to me in an EMACS buffer (either on UNIX or the
Amiga). I suppose that EMACS sometimes sends a newline that is read by
CLISP. When CLISP gets a newline, it does not recognize abort, unwind
and the others until the next prompt (e.g. type () + Return, get a new
prompt and then type abort). I can't predict when it happens and it's
rather annoying.

 > While I'm at it, is there some abbreviation of abort away with which I
 > can get?
Define one, for example "a" (look at user1.lsp:(commands1)).

To R. Shepherd:
EOF is not doing an abort, it's doing a continue when there's one, so
it's not always the same.

 	Joerg Hoehle.