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Re: Using Tcl/Tk with CLISP (was Re: Multi-return value functions and

Hello Peter!

> I've been using a cheap hack wherein I launch Lisp from a wish
> process, set up a read-eval-print loop there, and have Tcl read and
> write to the Lisp process.  (This requires two small files, below.)

Hm... I think your method is rather easy, but I want hte Lisp program
to have the total control, that means Tcl/Tk is only used to do the
displaying for my lisp program.

By the way, can you use the whole power of lisp when using your
method? As I understand you write a Tcl/Tk program that calls Lisp to do
some nice things, that means you have to write program in Tcl/Tk doing
the displaying and you have to write a program in Lisp to do the rest.
Is that right? If that is the fact, then I no that this isn't the way
I want to do it. I want to write a Lisp program that simply sends
messages to the wish-Task, so that I have to learn as little as
possible of Tcl/Tk. (It's hard enough to fight Lisp. :-)

> Your method sounds more elegant, but I don't really know anything
> about pipes.  Tell us if you figure it out...

Ok, I will post my results. I also thought about something like
developing a CLOS classlibrary for this stuff. But first I have to do
it in normal LISP.

Bye Oliver