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Re: Multi-return value functions and with-input-stream-do

Hello Matthias! 

> I used the following code in the Plopp! planning system to solve the problem 
> you described:


Well, thanks a lot, cause your code seems to do everything I want.

By the way, what is Plopp!. Can you send me some information?

> Within the body of WITH-WISH you can communicate with the tcl/tk process
> writing to *wish* and reading from it. READ-UNTIL reads from a stream 
> as much as possible or until a prompt is found. (the implementation is weird 
> and could be much simpler, as wishes do not send prompts to pipes - anyway it
> works ... at least for me ;) )

Ok, that really seams to be the thing I want to do.

> Remember to call "(force-output *wish*)" on the CLisp side and "flush stdout"
> on the wish side after each output operation.

Yeah, after fighting with Tcl/Tk and Lisp for a whole night, I learned
my lesson. :-) 

Bye, Oliver