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Re: Why is "]" == "\]"?

> > "]" == "\]"
> > 
> > All tests said, that these two strings are equal. But how could I
> > parse strings where "]" is command character or so but "\]" is legal
> > syntax for using "]" as a normal character?
> Since \ is an escape character in LISP you have to double it to 
> get a string that actually contains the backslash. (see Steele CLtL2, p34)
> (Undefined escape sequences may just ignore the backslash, thus "\["
> is identical to "[").
Ok, I know that too, after reading the Steele, but ....

> So just double your backslash: "\\["

I don't want to preparse my input data with perl or so, but I want to
do the whole job with LISP. And in my input data there are only "\["
and no "\\[". Is there no way to disable the escape sequencing for a
while in order to do the job in LISP?

Bye Oliver