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building new clisp

Hi clispers, 

I just have a question about building the new clisp.  I already have
the 1995-01-01 sources and so I only retrieved the new
clispsrc-newreadline.tar.z and the

I have untarred the old sources and now I guess I untar the update
INSIDE the directory clisp-1995-01-01 (perhaps after renaming it
clisp-1995-04-04 ?) and go: patch < diffs-1995-01-01-to-1995-04-04 
and the carry on with the build as for the old version?

Could someone confirm this for me, or correct me.... I just wanna get
it all going, but without beating my head on a brick wall too much...
This FFI sounds really good for my work...



Richard Shepherd. 


WWW home page:- http://therat.math.waikato.ac.nz