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Re: Online documentation and describe

>>>>> "Pascal" == Pascal POIZAT <- DEA Info <poizat@ensinfo.univ-nantes.fr>> writes:

[location of cltl2 html deleted]

    Pascal> I hope, it can help you making the info files you talked about.

That was one of the first things I did.  I have to reference the book
all of the time because I just can't remember all of the parameters to
everything. :-)

Actually, making the info files is the easy part.  I was just going to
modify the gcl info files so that they reflected clisp instead of gcl.

The hard part (for me, that is) is getting gcl's info.lsp and
describe.lsp to work with clisp.  This is the area that I need help

Also, is it the policy of the list to normally reply to the sender
instead of the whole list?  

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