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FFI fails for clisp 04-25 on sunos 4.1.3

I grabbed a copy of clisp 1995-04-25, and configure'd it on a sparc
running sunos 4.1.3_U1 with gcc 2.6.3.  I used configure's suggestion
to run "makemake --with-dynamic-ffi --with-newreadline".  The
compilation went just fine.  

However, I tried to add the regexp module using the directions in the
README.  Unfortunately, when the clisp tries to load regexp.fas, it
fails saying that it can't find the foreign function mregcomp.

However, I did a remake with "makemake --with-dynamic-ffi
--with-dynamic-modules --with-newreadline".  Everything went fine, and
I was able to load in the regexp module. 

Also, the makefile in the regexp directory doesn't really do anything
useful.  It would be nice if it would actually build a new clisp with
the regexp package.  Perhaps when I have some time, I'll create a
better makefile for it.

Except for this problem, clisp 04-25 is working just fine.  Nice job!

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