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Watcom 10.0


    I have tried to recompile CLISP under WATCOM 10.0 by utility 
WCL386 for Win32 on IBM-PC 486/DX33 with 16Mb RAM. All files 
compiled O.K. with the exception of LISPARIT.C. WATCOM returns 
"Internal error: Overflow of internal tables" and recommended me 
to slit the file to smaller modules. Playing with options, 
like to disable all optimalizations and so on, has no efect.

LISPARIT.C contains pretty big pool of source-includes with 
internal functions but there are no header files for them. 
The dividing of LISPARIT.C will not be easy (I have already tried to 
do so - WATCOM generate prototypes switch is helpless)

Have you encountered the same problem? 
Don't you have "headers files" for source-includes in LISPARIT.C ?
                Thank you
                                 Richard Susta
                                 Department of Control Engineering
                                 e-mail: susta@control.felk.cvut.cz