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Time passes

Hi, Folks,

The just announced release of CLISP is my last one. From now on,
Marcus Daniels <marcus@ee.pdx.edu> is the one and only maintainer of
CLISP. Please send all email concerning CLISP to _him_ or, if it is of
general interest, to this mailing list. Expect _him_ to make new releases
every couple of weeks. Expect _him_ to deal with bugs, or - if you can -
fix them yourself and send him the bug fix: you have the sources.

For the curious among you, the reason for my retiring is that I take a
full time job. I will be working on the Lisp implementation called
ILOG TALK. This Lisp is superior to CLISP in at least the following
  - Smaller than Common Lisp. Compatible to ISLisp.
  - The compiler generates executables and shared libraries.
  - Object-oriented from the bottom up.
  - Smooth interoperation with C and C++. Even C++ classes and Telos classes
    correspond to each other.
  - A well thought-out module system. (PROVIDE and REQUIRE in CL
    isn't enough for professional use, and DEFSYSTEM isn't the answer
See http://www.ilog.com/ or http://www.ilog.fr/ for more info. The downside
(for you) is that it is not free...

This said, I would like to thank all of you who have helped making CLISP
better. Working together with Marcus Daniels, Pierpaolo Bernardi,
Matthias Lindner, Joachim Schrod, Don Cohen has been a special pleasure
to me.


                    Bruno Haible